About DBDI

DBD Innovations Pty Ltd (DBDI) is developing novel methods and devices that make use of the electric discharge (plasma) that is created in the air gap between two electrodes, one of which is covered with an insulator (dielectric).
This unusual phenomenon is known as Dielectric Barrier Discharge (DBD). It has a very wide range of industrial and medical applications.

Analysis of Materials

DBD Innovations Pty Ltd (DBDI) is developing a novel, proprietary method for testing insulating materials using Dielectric Barrier Discharge plasma in air. This patented technique is applicable for analysing any non-conductive composite that is bonded to a conductive substrate.

Medical & Cosmetics

Enhanced trans-tissue delivery of therapeutic substances. The DBDI solution is to enhance the efficacy of existing remedies by applying a small electronic device to the treated area. The Dielectric Barrier Discharge is created in air between the device electrode and the tissue. The chemicals go in deeper and faster, augmenting the therapy.


Meet the team

A. Ian McIntosh

A. Ian McIntosh, PhD, Chairman

Ian is a plasma physicist, an entrepreneur and director of high-tech companies.

Piotr Glowacki

Piotr Glowacki, M.Sc., Technology Director

Piotr has extensive experience in development of plasma-based processes.

Matthew Vinokur

Matthew Vinokur, M.Sc., Director

Matthew is an accomplished engineer and manager. He held executive positions for large high-tech companies in Europe and Australia.

News and IP Information

Core Technology

24 April 2019

Our European Patent No. 2707704 for the "Method of analyzing a material" has been granted on 24 April 2019.

20 December 2018

DBD Innovations received a Letter of Acceptance for our European Patent Application for the "Method of analyzing a material", Reference 12786033.6.

20 June 2018

Our technology of testing materials has been recognised by the Manufacturers Monthly magazine for their 2018 Endeavour Awards.
DBDI’s manufacturing subsidiary, Benbro Electronics, is one of the finalists in the Technology Application Award category.

2 May 2017

Our core technology patent for material analysis has been issued in the US.
Ref: US9638664
DBDI is seeking a strategic partner to assist in the commercial exploitation of the invention.

13 November 2013

Patent application for “Method of analyzing a material" filed in Europe.
Ref: EP12786033.6

27 June 2013

Patent application entitled "Method of analyzing a material" filed in the US.
Ref: 13/994,086


3 February 2015

DBD Innovations acquired Benbro Electronics, www.benbro.com.au
Benbro is an Australian design and manufacturing company. It produces high reliability electronics equipment for a variety of industries - such as telecommunications, mining, solar and medical.